Zan Vidic XL RATCHO Champion Set

A-1 Tool, Inc.


Multiple Dent Olympic winner Zan Vidic used this dynamic duo, including The Little Red Dent Reaper and the Dent Wizard Ford Tool with BB Tip, to win several dent championships worldwide

Get this set with the RATCHO handle and get even more power and ergonomic grip! 

The Little Red Dent Reaper has a sharp tip and NO flex. You'll get your work done faster and cleaner. Stout enough to push with, it comes 3/8" in diameter, and 23" in length and comes with a RATCHO Deluxe Handle.

The BB tip tool was inspired by the Dent Wizard Ford Tool. This one is made of Stainless Steel and makes an excellent door tool!

The Zan Dent Wizard Ford Tool is made out of 3/8" diameter, is 28" in length and has an 1 1/2” longer kick and comes with RATCHO deluxe handle.