Jerry Powell 38-Piece Set

A-1 Tool

SKU: JP-38

Jerry Powell, one of the pioneers in the PDR industry, had us make this custom-designed set for him for many years.  By word of mouth, it's become a favorite! 

The 38-piece set includes 22 rods and hand tools made of stainless steel, and 16 small hand tools (1/8" diameter and smaller) made of high carbon spring steel. 

The set includes the following tools: 38JPP17B-S, 38JPDP25B-S, 38JPP24B-S, 716JPH29A-S, 716JPP36BT-S, 12JPH42B-S, 716JPT56K-S, 716JPT41K-S, 516JPT31K-S, 14JPH20AR-S, 14JPH20AL-S, 516JPH21AR-S, 516JPH21AL-S, 14JPS21AR-S, 14JPS21AL-S, 316JPM16AR-S, 316JPM16AL-S, 316JPH9DR-S, 316JPH9DL-S, 14JPS6A-S, 14JPS4A-S, 516JPJ20A-S, 18JPY19AL, 18JPY19AR, 18JPY15AL, 18JPY15AR, 18JPY9AL, 18JPY9AR, 19JPY5AL, 18JPY5AR, UTJP15AL, UTJP15AR, UTJP10AL, UTJP10AR, UTJP5AL, UTJP5AR, JPMCL, and JPMCR.