Dent Reaper Fat Shaft Hex Tabs Variety Pack

Dent Reaper


OH SNAP! You Found 'Em!

Dent Reaper Fat Shaft Hex Tabs These Tabs pull hard! Fat Shaft for increased durability.  You will notice the patent-pending slight step around the edge of the tab designed to increase the force of the pull to the center.  The Hexagonal shape in this tab's glue face, shaft, and head provides multiple benefits. 

  • Fat Shaft for increased Durability
  • Supreme Strength & Rigidity
  • The edge of the panel pulls
  • No more tabs rolling off the roof
The experimental Reverse Step tab face increases the strength in the center of the tab while providing extra adhesion power and flex at the tab edges.
  • Ice Material - powerful and rigid formula allows for incredible pull strength and maximum energy transfer

Dent Reaper Fat Shaft Hex Tabs are lethal for any dent crossing their path.  

Get some today, They're as Good as GOLD!

The Variety Pack includes 10 Tabs in total, 2 of each size

  • 9 mm
  • 11 mm
  • 13 mm
  • 13 mm Reverse Step
  • 15 mm