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A-1 Tool, Inc.

Welcome to A-1 Tool, Inc.

Manufacturer of Paintless Dent Repair Tools

Founded in 1991, A-1 Tool is the oldest, largest, and most trusted manufacturer of paintless dent removal (PDR) tools, pdr lights, and pdr accessories. 

The mission of A-1 Tool, Inc. is simple: make great, reliable PDR tools and equipment for a great price and true value without compromise. A-1 Tool accomplishes this by focusing on two specific areas. The first one of these focus areas is geared towards genuine innovation and efficient design. Our precision paintless dent repair craftsmen have more than a century worth of experience in terms of designing, manufacturing, and supplying the highest quality PDR tools available in the industry. 

Here at A-1 Tool, Inc., we find solutions to our customers’ problems, whereas, other paintless dent removal tool manufacturers produce a line of tools that are made from a cookie-cutter template. Many suppliers simply don’t build custom PDR tools according to their customer’s specifications. The second key area in which A-1 Tool strives for perfection is personable and reliable customer service. A-1 Tool maintains the largest inventory of quality paintless dent repair tools in the PDR industry so we can allow our customers the option of same-day shipping on most orders.  

PDR tools that have been manufactured by A-1 Tool, Inc. can be found throughout the many auto-assembly plants of Ford, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, and BMW, as well as over 20,000 paintless dent repair technicians around the world. Whether you are just beginning a career in paintless dent repair or you are a seasoned PDR technician, A-1 Tool, Inc. has the tools you will need to get the job done.    

Please take the time to browse through our inventory of quality dent tools, pdr lights, pdr glue pullers, and many other pdr accessories that will help you get your desired end result. Remember our motto, “You can pay more, but you can’t buy better”.  



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