Looking for powerful 3/8th diameter steel shafts that are perfect for aluminum?  The AK38 8 piece set is the set for you!  This set includes 12", 18", 24" length for both right and left angles. It also includes one 36" and one 48" straight rods. The shafts are shaved for over brace access.
  • AK38
    AK38 (Made in USA) $849.00
  • 38AK121824
    38AK121824 (Made in USA) $715.00
  • 38AK12L
    38AK12L (Made in USA) $125.00
  • 38AK12R
    38AK12R (Made in USA) $125.00
  • 38AK18L
    38AK18L (Made in USA) $130.00
  • 38AK18R
    38AK18R (Made in USA) $130.00
  • 38AK24L
    38AK24L (Made in USA) $135.00
  • 38AK24R
    38AK24R (Made in USA) $135.00