What is A-1 Machine?

A-1 Tool's expert tool makers have always produced our hand tools and rods right here on the premises, making it possible to provide our customers with tools direct from the manufacturer. Now, we've brought more tool-making ability in-house with the addition of A-1 Machine, which offers high-precision PDR tool manufacturing on CNC machines. That's also where our A-1 DentMasters, slide hammers, knockdown hammers and other tools and accessories are produced.

Together, tool makers at A-1 Tool and A-1 Machine have more than 95 years of experience producing innovative, quality tools for the paintless dent removal industry.

What material are A-1 tools made from?

Most A-1 PDR tools are made from high-carbon spring steel. Several types of steel are used, depending on the design of the particular tool Our tools are dent-tech tested to be the best on the market.

We also manufacture some tools from heat-treated stainless steel. A dash S (-S) at the end of a tool part number indicates it is made from stainless. Most of our spring steel tools can be made from stainless on request. However, wire tools (1/8") and ultra thin tools (1/16") cannot be made from stainless steel.

Why are A-1 Tools less expensive than tools from other companies?

We take seriously our motto: You can pay more. But you can't buy better. We have an excellent staff with almost 40 years of combined experience in building paintless dent removal tools. As the original and reigning manufacturer in the PDR industry, A-1 produces a volume of tools that allows us to take advantage of economies of scale unachievable by other manufacturers. With increased efficiency, we have been able to continue to offer the highest quality tools available at reasonable prices.

Also, with A-1, you are receiving PDR tools directly from the manufacturer, another cost savings for our customers.

How long will it take to process my order?

Orders for standard tools received by 2 p.m. weekdays are shipped out the same day.

How long will it take to receive my order?

It depends on where you live and the method you choose to have it shipped. We ship orders received by 2 p.m. CST for standard PDR tools almost always that same day. As of March 12, 2023, UPS has changed the method by which "business day" is defined for addresses that are classified as "rural". If you are having your shipment delivered to one of the UPS designated rural areas, the delivery time may be increased by 1 or more days from the shipping option schedule that is displayed during checkout.

Where is A-1 Tool located?

We are south of Bolivar, a town of about 10,000 in southwest Missouri, about 25 miles north of Springfield, 150 miles south of Kansas City and 220 miles southwest of St. Louis. We are in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks, about 70 miles north of Branson, the live country music capital of the world.

Bolivar was named for the South American Liberator Simon Bolivar. A statue of the Great Liberator is in Neuhart Park in Bolivar, and another is in front of City Hall. The town"s sports teams are known as the Liberators.

What is your return policy?

Standard PDR tools and accessories ordered from our catalog or on the Web site can be returned in their original condition and packaging within 30 days for a full refund, excluding shipping costs. Custom tools made to the specifications provided cannot be returned.

Are A-1 Tools warranted?

We have been manufacturing PDR tools since 1991, making us the original and reigning manufacturer in the business. We are confident you will find A-1 Tools to be a good value. We offer a one-year warranty against breakage for all tools except the wire tools (1/8" diameter) and the ultra-thin wires (1/16" diameter), which are warranted for 90 days. Tools and accessories not manufactured by A-1 Tool, Inc., are subject to the original manufacturer's warranty.

What is your privacy policy?

We do not share or sell our customer lists with anyone. The information you provide when you order products, addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers is used for billing purposes and to fill your orders. Your information is protected both online and offline.

How can I tell the diameter and length of the tool from the part number?

The first set of numbers in the part number is the diameter of the tool. For example, 14 means one-quarter inch diameter; 716 means seven-sixteenths diameter. The next letter or set of letters is the tool style. For example, a "Y" tool has a 45-degree bend, a "C" style has a 90-degree bend. The next letter or set of letters is the tip style. For example, an "A" tip is rounded with the sides machined flat; a "D" tip is round and very blunt. For more information about part numbers, go to Tool Selection Chart.

What does an "L" or an "R" mean at the end of a tool number?

The "L" stands for "left", the "R"for "right". When you hold a tool straight in front of you, the tip of the left tool will point to the left, the tip of the right tool to the right.

What about "FS" and "VS"?

FS is an abbreviation for "Flat Shaft." The tool has been machined flat almost to the handle to offer greater accessibility.

VS stands for "Very Sharp." These tools have a pinpoint tip for putting finishing touches on a dent.

Can you learn PDR from a DVD?

The best training you can get is always from an experienced professional. However, an video can help you become familiar with the process and provide pointers on various aspects of the business. Our A-1 DVD is available for $149.