Metal Medic Pro Prop

Metal Medic



The PRO PROP is an adjustable panel prop for doors, hoods, trunk lids, and hatches. It's made from strong carbon fiber tubes with stainless steel hook and anchor latch.

The MAXX PROP extends from a closed position of 17 inches to a fully extended length of 21 inches. The PRO PROP has 4 slide button adjustment holes at 1.5-inch intervals for length adjustment.

The PRO PROP also has a twist lock collar adjustment system. You get to choose. Do you want to use the twist lock feature for a faster, infinite length adjustment?  Simply push the slide button down, rotate extending tube 180 degrees, and wah-lah, you now have a twist-lock prop.

The latch hook is angled to accommodate any position. The striker hook uses a slide button nut assemble to quickly and securely attach to any panel striker. The PRO PROP is definitely the PDR industry's most advanced and versatile prop yet! Check out the MAXX PROP if you want a longer version.