Dent Snatcher Blue PDR Glue

Metal Medic


This METAL MEDIC Dent SNATCHER Blue PDR Glue is great for HAIL!  It's specially made for center pull tabs.  The extra flexibility helps the center tab pull from the center of the stem to ensure the center comes up fast and clean.

Made with revolutionary silicon polymers, its recommended conditions are 42-102 degrees. You will find the pulling power to be amazing!  No release agent is needed.

The Pull and Peel line of glues, save you time and makes you money. The Dent Snatcher BLUE will increase your glue-pulling efficiency. 

It comes in a 1lb re-sealable bag. That's 16 STICKS that are 12 inches long.  1lb of glue per pack! You owe it to yourself to try this new glue now!