Master-41 Set

A-1 Tool

SKU: M-41

Whether you are repairing dents on top, side or door panels, the PDR tools you need will be in this set. This 41-piece spring steel PDR set includes 12 heavy duty rods (516Y24A, 38T34K, 516Y44A, 716T48K, 516Y50A, 58P52B, 12P38B, 716P31B, 12T30BT, 38P25B, 38DP24B, and 516P16B), 5 hooks (516H22AL, 516H22AR, 516J18A, 14J17A, and 14J11A), 6 wires (18Y15AL, 18Y15AR, 18Y9AL, 18Y9AR, 18Y5AL, and 18Y5AR), 14 hand tools (516M24AR, 516M24AL, 14M18AR, 14M18AL, 316S8AR, 316S8AL, 14S6A, 14S4A, 316S2A, 18Y30A, 316Y28A, 14Y28A, 316Y18A, and 14Y18A), and 4 pistol grips (316PG10AR, 316PG10AL, 316PG16AR, and 316PG16AL).