Xcalibur Line 6



The Line 6 Set is the latest ergonomically designed set from XCALIBUR Tools!  It combines 2 of the sets in the collection called "XL Picks" (Xcalibur Line Picks).

The In-Line handles bring your hand position down to give you a more comfortable grip. This gives you better tip control and allows for sideways pushes and twisting while the tips give you pinpoint pushes. 

This set includes:

XCALIBUR Line Pick Small Set (XL Small)

3/16" diameter 10" length 

1/4" diameter 14" length 

5/16" diameter 18" length 


XCALIBUR Line Pick Large Set (XL Large)

1/2" diameter 36" length 

7/16" diameter 30" length 

3/8" diameter 24" length