Hercules Tool

A-1 Tool


BRANDON SCHMITZ was the Virtual Tech Expo (VTE) winner for the A-1 Tool Design Contest with his entry, the Hercules Tool!

The Hercules is 1/2” in diameter and 26” in length.  It’s made of high quality stainless steel.

 “The design I’m submitting is a tool that I use every single day. About 4 years ago I created this tool because I needed a large slow bend that was very stout. It is made with stainless but seems to be hardened. I use this tool on fenders, quarter panels, bedside dents that are above and below the tail light. I use it on most motorcycle tanks as well. I drilled and tapped the end to accept all of my tips.  I have yet to see this tool in this shape being sold anywhere. It may look simple, because it is, but I can push a lot of metal with great control.”

Brandon is the owner of Eagle Dent Repair in Alabama.