Dead Dent Tools Automotive Cold Glue Putty

A-1 Tool, Inc.


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Dead Dent Tools automotive dent removal cold glue putty for temperatures less than 86°F /30°C. 22 grams of putty.

  • Easy to use 
  • Putty will not dry out
  • Use over & over

By applying cold glue to metal or plastic tabs and using a slide hammer you can achieve powerful amazing results with all types of damage.  Individually packaged for quick use and less waste.  High visibility orange will help with spotting contaminants in the putty.  Suggested temperatures are above 60° F and below 80° F.

Proper panel preparation is highly suggested.

  1. Clean panel with alcohol, glass cleaner, panel prep or Ulen's final inspection.
  2. Clean with dry cloth (not a microfiber)
  3. Make sure panel is within temperature range
  4. Flash panel with heat source to remove any humidity left over.

 In case of contaminants clean with mild detergent cleaner and water.  Allow to dry.