Metal Medic Battle Axe 48-inch Hail Rod

Metal Medic


All new and improved  handle and head attachments!!  At a convenient 48 inches, this rod will fit nicely inside your carry case. The 1 inch diameter 3k custom weave Carbon Fiber rod will allow you to use most standard S type hooks. The 2.5mm side wall gives the battle axe exceptional strength while maintaining a light weight. The Battle axe has solid billet , beautifully machined in our own machine shop, aluminum attachments, The new handle has flats to keep you square with your dents and divots that align with the tip head so you always know where yout tips are without looking under the roof,   and it is a counterweight that offers a comfortable push with great control. The x- grip adds another level of comfort and fatigue fighting element. The ball tip attachment Offers a 67.5 degree offset on two of the push heads, the other 2 tips are at a right angle to the rod. The angles keep your tip closer to a perfect angle to the panel. It can also accommodate up to four standard 5/16 x 18 thread. The tip head has our tapper bore lock design to keep your tips tight in the head.  All this and finished in a high gloss durable coating. It will become your go to rod for small to medium sized hail damage roofs.  (Tips sold separately.)