24-Piece Hand Tool Set (Made in USA)

A-1 Tool

Product Code: 24-HT


The most popular PDR hand tool set anyone has ever assembled. We have sold thousands of these sets over the years and it continues to be a favorite. If you need a hand tool you can bet it's in this set and you can know you are getting great paintless dent repair tools at a great price. Put this set with one of our PDR rod sets and you'll be ready for anything. This 24-piece spring steel set includes 516M24AR, 516M24AL, 14M18AR, 14M18AL, 14Y28A, 14Y18A, 316Y28A, 316Y18A, 18Y30A, 18Y9AR, 18Y9AL, 316S8AR, 316S8AL, 316S2A, 18Y5AL, 18Y5AR, 14S6A, 14S4A, 316PG16AR, 316PG16AL, 316PG10AR, 316PG10AL, 18Y15AR, and 18Y15AL.

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