18-Piece Flat Shaft Hand Tool Set

A-1 Tool

SKU: FS-18

This set is for PDR technicians who want the strength found in our larger diameter hand tools combined with the accessibility of our smaller wire tools. We have accomplished just that by milling the shafts of these tools flat from tip to handle. You won't find this set anywhere else, and if you ever use these PDR tools you may never want to go back to anything else.   Great for hail repair of hood and trunk lids.  Built from 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16" diameter material and ranging in length from 6" to 24". This 18-piece spring steel set includes 516FS24AL, 516FS24AR, 516FS18AL, 516FS18AR, 516FS12AL, 516FS12AR, 14FS21AR, 14FS21AL, 14FS15AR, 14FS15AL, 14FS9AR, 14FS9AL, 316FS6AR, 316FS6AL, 316FS12AR, 316FS12AL, 316FS18AR, and 316FS18AL.

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