A-1 Tool

A-1 Tool

A-1 Tool and Paintless Dent Removal go hand in hand.  We have a legacy of providing exceptional Paintless Dent Removal Tools for the entire PDR industry at affordable prices and with excellent customer service.

Our PDR Tools are exceptional!

Since the early days of Paintless Dent Removal, A-1 Tool has had the role of providing exceptional tools for those who worked in secret massaging metal back to its original shape.  Our craftsmen have more than a century worth of experience in designing and manufacturing these amazing PDR Tools.  We take pride in our tools.  We select the highest quality material and strive to build only the best tools for hail damage, door dings, large damage and complex repairs. 

Training facilites continue to rely on us as THE paintless dent removal tool supplier.  Countless men and women in the PDR industry began their career using our tools!  Many professional dent technicians still use their original A-1 Tools and continue to try our latest and greatest designs.   

Our PDR Tools are affordable!

You can trust our prices.  We price our PDR tools to be affordable for everyone.  We do not mark up our prices just to give discounts.  Whether you are just joining the brotherhood of PDR professionals, a seasoned Dent Tech or have a PDR Training facility, our honest pricing is something you can count on!  We aim to supply all PDR Technicians with eveything they will need to get the job done.  From the most complicated tool design to a simple accessory, you will save money by choosing A-1 Tool. 

Our customer service is excellent!

We maintain the largest inventory of Paintless Dent Repair Tools in the PDR industry.  We build tools year around and keep our shelves well stocked.  We offer our customers same-day shipping on most orders.  We offer all of the tools and accessories you will need to get your job done.  No pre-orders.  If you see our tools online, we have it in stock and ready to ship right away! 

Whether you are just beginning a career in Paintless Dent Repair or you are a seasoned PDR technician, A-1 Tool has the PDR tools you will need to get the job done!ER: "You can pay more...but you can't buy better!"