Ratchet Handle Tools

A-1 Tool Ratchet Handle Tools are hot right now!  Our paintless dent removal tools with ratcheting handles work great in many situations and give you more options for accessibility!  Try our 1/4 Aussie Set or our 5/16 Aussie Set.  The sharp tips and shaved tools are great for aluminum hoods!

Wishing you had your favorite tool with a ratcheting handle?  We can make that happen here at A-1 Tool.  Give us a call! 1-417-376-2848.

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  • Skinny Tip 38H24-INC-RCT (Made in USA) (Note: Only 3/8" diameter tips will fit this tool.)
    Skinny Tip 38H24-INC-RCT (Note: Only 3/8" diameter tips will fit this tool.) (Made in USA) $80.00
  • 18-5-RCT
    18-5-RCT (Made in USA) $45.00
  • 18-10-RCT
    18-10-RCT (Made in USA) $45.00
  • 18-15-RCT
    18-15-RCT (Made in USA) $45.00
  • 316H6A-RCT
    316H6A-RCT (Made in USA) $55.00
  • 316H8A-RCT
    316H8A-RCT (Made in USA) $45.00
  • 316HJ9A-RCT
    316HJ9A-RCT (Made in USA) $45.00
  • 316J10A-RCT
    316J10A-RCT (Made in USA) $45.00
  • 316M10A-RCT
    316M10A-RCT (Made in USA) $45.00
  • Short 1/4 Aussie (14AU9-RCT)
    Short 1/4 Aussie (14AU9-RCT) (Made in USA) $55.00
  • Medium 1/4 Aussie
    Medium 1/4 Aussie (Made in USA) $60.00
  • Long 1/4 Aussie (14AU21-RCT)
    Long 1/4 Aussie (14AU21-RCT) (Made in USA) $65.00