Glue Pulling

A-1 Tool carries super strong, long lasting glue tabs, glue and glue pullers for Paintles Dent Repair Technicians to use for glue pulling.  Whether you are looking for Atlas Tabs, Wurth Glue or a Glue Tray to keep your supplies tidy, we will have everything you need!  

Glue Pulling Kits are also available.

  • 12mm B-ICE-ST-2
    12mm B-ICE-ST-2 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 15mm B-ICE-ST-3
    15mm B-ICE-ST-3 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 20mm B-ICE-ST-4
    20mm B-ICE-ST-4 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 25 mm B-ICE-ST-5
    25 mm B-ICE-ST-5 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 26mm B-ICE-SC-1
    26mm B-ICE-SC-1 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 30mm B-ICE-ST-6
    30mm B-ICE-ST-6 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 32mm B-ICE-SC-2
    32mm B-ICE-SC-2 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 38mm B-ICE-SC-3
    38mm B-ICE-SC-3 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 38mm B-ICE-SSC-1
    38mm B-ICE-SSC-1 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 51mm B-ICE-SC-4
    51mm B-ICE-SC-4 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 51mm B-ICE-SSC-2
    51mm B-ICE-SSC-2 (Made in USA) $17.80
  • 70mm B-ICE-SC-5
    70mm B-ICE-SC-5 (Made in USA) $17.80
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