Dent Reaper Picks w/ Stainless Tequila Hubs

Dent Reaper


The Dent Reaper Picks w/ Stainless Tequila Hubs are 100% Hardened Stainless Steel and are excellent on aluminum! 

Use the rounded heel for soft pushes, side loading and dragging. Use the sharp tips for pinpoint accuracy. 

These Picks were designed with versatility in mind!

Sizes Included:

  • 18" x 3/8"
  • 24" x 3/8"
  • 33" x 7/16"
  • 42" x 1/2"

The Dent Reaper Picks with Stainless Tequila Hub are a new variation of the Reaper Rod collection, taking the smaller swoop and tip of the Mini Reaper Rods coupled with increased lengths.  The ALL NEW addition of the Tequila Stainless Hub means these tools will never rust and couple perfectly with the Tactical Guerrilla Grip Handles.  With 26 positions on each hub and multiple handles to choose from the possibilities are virtually endless.

Sharp Tip and Polished Stainless Steel slow bent curve!  This bend features rounded off edges that allow for supreme versatility with soft pushing techniques.

Tactical Guerrilla Grip Handles Sold Separately