Dent Reaper Dent Angel Set

Dent Reaper


Do you want to fix dents faster and cleaner?

In some situations, you want to start with a soft push.  The Dent Angels are designed for exactly that!

The Dent Angels are the same great size and geometry as the Dent Reaper with one MAJOR Difference... the TIP!  

The rounded tip allows for softer pushes...and adding the soft plastic sleeve will be even softer yet.

It was designed by a seasoned PDR tech to be highly versatile, powerful, precise, and efficient.

Get a Dent Angel Set today! You'll be glad you did. 

The Dent Angel is 7/16" in diameter and 29" in length.

The Little Red Angel is 3/8" in diameter and 23" in length.

The Baby Blue Angel is 5/16" in diameter and 17" in length.


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