Xcalibur Hood & Deck Set



The Xcalibur Hood and Deck Set will give you unmatched reach and powerful transfer from the handle to the tip! 

It excels on Aluminum and provides 360 degrees of radial coverage through access ports and at the same time, avoids damaging the entrance point.  

Simply pull the opposite side of the handle back to create forceful leverage. 

Ergonomically made for ease and comfort for PDR techs.  Conventional tools require a less forgiving and often painful wrist rotation.  

Again, you will get unmatched reach and efficient power transfer from the handle to the tip.  This is what separates Xcalibur tools from the others!

This set consists of six tools, three left angle and three right angle, with 1/4' diameter curved shafts.   You will get 3 lengths, 10", 14" and 18".

Watch as Maria goes over the Screwdriver and Hood & Deck Set!