Stanliner 4-Piece Snake Tool Set



Our 2nd generation Stanliner Snake Straight version is a MUST have hail tool!  Great for creases, sharp dents, door panels, roof, fenders, hoods and more.  Perfect for paintless dent repair technicians that chase hail!  VERY powerful!  

How it's used:  Direct push/blend with the top of the sharp tip.  It requires less pushing power compared with other conventional rods.  

Twist the tool in 90 degrees and work for softer dents with the wide side of the Snake tooltip.  

It can be used as a Pusher, Twister, Dragger, or Blender.  Includes the SA-SNKS-3823, SA-SNKS-3829, SA-SNKS-1229, and the SA-SNKS-1240.