Nemesis Cold Glue



Use Nemesis Cold Glue for hail and minor dents repair.  

Comes with Cold Glue and 2 round metal tabs. 

 Here is main tips how to work with Nemesis!

1. The glue composition is hard and not so sticky from the first touch. It needs to warming up before using! Nemesis will work better and better with each pull. The rigid structure of this compound ensures good glue performance even under high temperature and humidity conditions.

2. Surface preparation is very important when working with any adhesive! We recommend light polishing as the most effective method to increase adhesion. You can also use the heating of the repair area.

3. Do not pull the hammer with both hands!!! When one hand is pulling, the other should apply a little pressure. This will provide the sharpest possible snap and significantly increase the effectiveness of the composition.

4. Use a medium weight slide hammer. The weight part should slide freely creating a speedy snap. There must be no spring or other damper in the construction of the slide hammer.

5. At your disposal is a set of two adapters with reliable fixing system suitable for any type of slide hammer. If there is some discrepancy, sharpen the edges of the adjusting bolt!

5. In order for the glue not to come off the tab, we also recommend to warm up the metal adapter before applying.

6. You can also use the Nemesis composition with other tabs. The main condition for the successful operation of the composition is the creation of a rigid fixation of the tab. In practice, we used hot glue to hold the plastic tabs on slide hammer and it worked great!

Cold glue can perform tasks as an independent tool and also be an excellent assistant in any work! Practice, looking for the limits of this tool. Trying to help the metal move in the right direction with a blending hammers. I am sure that Nemesis will become an irreplaceable assistant in your work with hail and other tasks!