Good Rub (ET-GR)

A-1 Tool, Inc.


Good Rub is a PDR tool restoration block that will help you remove rust and corrosion from PDR rods, brace tools, whale tails and more!

Remember: Take good care of your PDR tools and they will take good care of you! PDR Tools get used hard; thrown around, dropped, crammed in tight braces, bounced around in your truck and many other situations which can cause scratches and damage. Glue, adhesives and other substances get smeared on them. All of this abuse as well as rust and corrosion can make your tools look and more importantly, perform like junk.

You can think of PDR Tool Restoration Blocks like sandpaper, but they are definitely not sandpaper. You will see the difference as soon as you hold and use one. These blocks are used to repair and restore high end swords and make them gleam!