Endeavor Dent Tools RED Crown Jewel 13" Hammer

Endeavor Dent Tools


The CROWN JEWEL is slightly lighter than what you would think of in a crown hammer.  The rubber tips are much softer than are common in the industry, and also have a bit of a flatter profile on the face.  This combination of weight and softer rubber was intentional. 

"I wanted to be able to strike the panel harder to create more shock in the metal.  My thought was that this would allow the metal to be moved faster, but I did not want to create any more "trauma" to the panel.

The result was a hammer that can be used with everything from very light taps, all the way to major blows.  The major blows shock and move sheet metal different than anything else in my arsenal.  The light taps are great for precision cleanup work with no worry about a mistake that you will then have to fix.  I personally think it may be one of the most forgiving hammers I use, yet has the power to create major movement when needed.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND this hammer is different than what you may be used to.  You will probably have to swing this hammer harder than you expect to see metal move.  Once you settle into the feel, it becomes incredibly versatile and puts you in control of how you want to move metal."  Chad Peters