Carsformers Blending Hammer



This Model 3.0 differs from the famous Damascus hammers in slightly simpler materials and lighter weight.

The head is made of highly hardened high carbon steel and has a durable Champagne protective coat. Handmade heat-treated ash handle.

The hammer has excellent balance, nice ergonomic grip and proves itself very comfortable, precise and predictable in operation.

The larger section works great over wider areas. The small section strikes with precision and emphasis. The radius is selected so that, even with strong impacts, it does not leave marks on the paint and is not afraid to change the angle of attack.  Comes in 14" in length. 

This hammer will be a great tool for both advanced technicians and beginners!

Whether you are a hail technician or working with parking dents, the CARSFORMERS hammer will not leave you indifferent!