Red White & BOOM Set (RWB-SET)

A-1 Tool, Inc.


The Red, White & Boom 12 piece brace tool set is perfect for aluminum hoods and deck lids! 

  • The Red White and BOOM 12 Piece Set comes with 4 each of 3/16" (9" and 15" lengths), 1/4" (12" and 18" lengths) and 5/16" (15" and 21" lengths)  diameter tools. 
  • The sharp tips are great for aluminum hoods and deck lids
  • Your hand is positioned in line with the tip
  • Allows for pushing down to raise the tip instead of twisting your wrist and elbow making this set ergonomically correct
  • Less fatigue to dent technicians
  • The arch in the shaft keeps your hand comfortably below underneath side of the panel


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