Entended Neck

The Extended Neck Stanliner tools are versatile door tools with various pushing points and sharp tips will speed up the repair process.  Extended necks will expand the radius of accessibility.  Work like a twister. 3/8" diameter. 

Made with the highest quality U.S. stainless steel.

  • SADT-EN-24
    SADT-EN-24 (Made in USA) $150.00
  • SADT-EN-34
    SADT-EN-34 (Made in USA) $160.00
  • Stanliner Extended Neck (SET-SADT-EN)
    Stanliner Extended Neck (SET-SADT-EN) (Made in USA) $270.00
  • SADT-EN-24-RCT
    SADT-EN-24-RCT (Made in USA) $175.00
  • SADT-EN-34-RCT
    SADT-EN-34-RCT (Made in USA) $185.00
  • Stanliner Ratcheting Extended Neck Set (SET-SADT-EN-RCT)
    Stanliner Ratcheting Extended Neck Set (SET-SADT-EN-RCT) (Made in USA) $320.00